Years ago chef Ilias Mamalakis’ show spotted the grandmothers of Pityos while they were making the famous hand-made pasta (“herissia macaronia”) under the centuries-old plane tree and since then “Makelos” has become a key destination point for anyone visiting Chios.

Hand-made spaghetti, the main dish on the poor table, sprinkled with grated traditional cheese, became the tavern’s trademark. However Makelos gradually established itself for its firm commitment to the use of local fresh ingredients and for ts specialization in flavors originating from Chios traditional cuisine.

The current owners seek to bring Piyios … to your plate: with cattle selections from the goats and cheeses of the region, snails, wild greens and meatballs with ingredients depending on the season; mainly, however, with a desire to tell the visitor stories from the area, one of which will shed light on the name “Makelos”, as well as to becoming guides for a longer journey into the depths of the unexplored north part of Chios under the sounds of traditional Chios music. They virtually turn your visit to “Makelos” into a holistic experience.

Person in charge: Nikos Georgoulis

Tel.: 22720 22010 – 6940776307

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George’s Café

In a unique space adorned with colours and scents from our village and island, we blend Chian tradition into our dishes, using homemade authentic recipes, pure local seasonal ingredients from local producers, and present them with a more modern perspective. Modern presentation, traditional homemade taste. Each recipe tells a story. Every visit is a unique culinary experience.

No menu, new dishes every day, different flavours. Homemade dishes, Aleka’s handmade pasta, sweets, pickles, and whatever our gastronomic mind can create. Café? Ouzeri? Tsipouradiko? Mezedopoleio? Call it what you want, yes to everything, we are alternative, and it suits us! A Chian family kitchen with flavours from Chios in the courtyard of colours and scents at “George’s Café” in the square of Pityos.

Manager: Evy Katsioni


Facebook, Instagram: o_cafenes_tou_giorg

Myrtilo sweets and coffee


In the heart of the village of Pityos, in Chios, Myrtilo is a cradle of culinary delight. A place that combines the warmth and aroma of coffee and the sweetness of our incredible handmade delicacies. I dedicate our site to my grandfather, the shepherd from this area. He is my source of inspiration. His love for the land and its products guides me every day.

We create and offer fresh, high quality products using pure ingredients from the local market. With a palate that ranges from fluffy croissants to colorful cakes, each one of our creations is a taste experience that reflects our ritual and passion for the art of pastry. We invite you to share this delightful exploration with us, to discover the savor of our place and create together unforgettable moments of sweetness and joy.

Person in charge: Irini Kritouli

Tel. 2272 023963
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Instagram. murtilo_sweets_and_coffee

pitys logo

Pitys Chios Herbs Cultivation

Pitys chios herbs cultivation, is a small family business of cultivation and processing of herbs such as thyme, oregano, sage and savory.

Evgenia, ex bank clerk and Vassilis who used to work in the food service industry decided not to leave the uncultivated for 50 years ancestral lands; they rolled up their sleeves and the result is very promising; they gave back life to fields full of strong Chian oregano, spicy local sage, fragrant thyme and savory and an exeptional high quality mixture of herbs.

The crop is handpicked, without any machinery at all levels of production, thus leaving zero enviromental footprint.

It is a mild cultivation model, therefore the quantities of herbs are limited, to be used either as hot or cold drink, or as cooking herbs in gastronomy.

Efforts for highlighting our products and the village are made, therefore you can find PITYS HERBS exclusively at Pityos village.



Facebook: Chios pitys mountain activities

Anna' s sweets and coffee shop

Anna’ s sweets and coffee shop

Since 2009, at the same location as the emblematic Pityos coffee shop “Kourounaina’s” at the intersection of Agios Isidoros at the 21st kilometer of the Chios-Volissos provincial road, you will find Anna’s sweets and coffee shop. 

The place is thrilling for all of northern Chios and full of hundreds of stories and memories from the once difficult and adventurous journey of the villagers to and from Amani.

Anna, revived this historic coffee shop and grasped the thread of its tradition, as an in-between stop on the journey and a meeting point for all Northerners.

Coffee, homemade sweets and homemade ice cream, aromatic mountain herbs and a wide variety of dishes to accompany your wine and suma (local drink)!

Tel.: 22720-42004 & 6932-617840

Facebook: Καφεγλυκοπωλείο Της Άννας 

Instagram: Kafeglukopoleio_tis_annas

Old School

Old School

Our love for Pityos, my mother’s place of origin, was the motivation… So we decided, in 2019, to use he building of the Old School of the village, which had been converted into a guesthouse in order to create a small, warm space where passers-by can rest, spend the night, get to know the village; a place for coffee, homemade sweets, ouzo, delicious food and drinks!

Together with the operation of the guesthouse, “The old school” has already been established as a point of reference for those who enjoy good food!!!

Person in charge: Roula Giakoumis Zannikou

Contact numbers: 2272023713, 6944352657

FB: Το Παλιό Σχολείο (Ξενώνες – Καφέ – Ψητοπωλείο)