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Cultural and Educational Association of Pityos “MAKELLOS”

The Cultural and Educational Association of Pityos “MAKELLOS” was founded in 1985. Its purpose has been and continues to be the preservation of the cultural heritage of the region, the revival of traditions, the encouragement of young people to participate in cultural events, and the maintenance and dissemination of the intellectual capital of previous generations.

Some of the activities of the Association include the revival of traditions such as Christmas carols, carnival events, traditional dance lessons, presentation of dance performances, active participation in the established livestock festival, cleanliness and beautification actions in the village, collaboration with other entities such as church committees, private businesses, the Municipality, the local community, etc.

The association supports and encourages any private initiative aimed at highlighting the village, traditions, and customs, always with respect for authenticity.

ADDRESS: Pityos Chios 82300

Contact information: Zannis Kokolias (President) 6977914524, Irene Kritouli (Secretary) 6972463148

Facebook: Cultural Association of Pityos