herissia pasta

Homemade ‘herissia” spaghetti

From wheat to flour and from flour to hand-made spaghetti. Α total family process where everyone participates. Even in a pastoral society meat was rarely on the table, mostly on special occasions. However, everyone tasted and are still craving and tasting Pityos’ homemade spaghetti, the “herissia”. What are they made of and how? What shape do they have and how do they get it?

A hands –on workshop that will give you the answers, but also introduce you to the history and myths surrounding spaghetti, is addressed to everyone and gives you the experience along with the recipe. Make your homemade ‘herissia” spaghetti, and either take it with you or we cook it for you and bring it to your table, a delicious dish with freshly grated cheese and sauce or if you prefer it plain.

Participation fee upon request: It depends on the length of the workshop, number of participants etc.