Chios is “two islands in one.” The unknown and unexplored Northern Chios is a place that is minimally showcased and bears no resemblance to the landscapes and experiences offered by Southern Chios, which is more well-known. The landscape in the North offers different emotions and unique elements to the visitor.

From the vast plain of Aipos, a Natura location filled with ancient agrarian installations and geologically interesting caves, to Pityos with its rich pastoral tradition.

From Volissos and Kardamyla, the two major northern villages with ancient histories, to the dozens of small villages in the region, each with its unique and unrepeatable feature.

So, from the northeast to the northwest:

  • Amades, with its running waters, is the starting point of the story of Giorgis Petikas and Anamisis Tenekes.
  • Viki, with its unique cherry orchards that bloom and fragrance in late May.
  • Kambia, with its famous gorge, which carries water down in both winter and summer and is a favourite hiking trail for nature lovers.
  • Spartounda, the highest settlement on the island, from which paths lead to the summit of Pelineon.
  • Fyta and Kipouries, with their lovely taverns and local flavours that tantalise your taste buds.
  • Dieukha, next to the monument of the Monastery of Moundon, a monastery surpassed only in fame and recognition by Nea Moni.
  • Katavasi and Siderounta, with the incomparable view of the deep blue of the Aegean.
  • Palaia Potamia, connected to the legends of the region’s fairies, a place of mystery and a setting for a period film.
  • Parparia, once the lair of corsairs from Algiers and Tunis, a den of the most important revolutionaries in 1822!
  • Melanios, the emblematic site of the Chios massacre.
  • Agio Galas, with its unique cave with findings of Neolithic settlement.
  • Keramos, with the unique monuments of antimony mines, a rare example of the early 19th-century mining industry.
  • Ayiasmata, with its unique healing baths.
  • Egrigoros and Kourounia, with their unique grape varieties and the winery of the famous Ariousios wine, which in ancient times was the most expensive and rarest wine in the Aegean.
  • Nenitouria, with the unique School History Museum.
  • Leptopoda, with the unique self-managed café-taverna.

Over 20 villages are waiting for you to visit them. With unique monuments of nature and history that combine the mountain with virgin beaches.

Where there are no “tourists.” There are only explorers, researchers and visitors who join with the hospitable residents who are willing to share their stories with the people who visit them and who become part of their village!

The Social Cooperative Enterprise (KOINSEP) “Pityos Destination” will develop small tourist packages of short visits exclusively to Northern Chios from May 2024 and onwards, tailored to the preferences of the visitors.

Participation fee upon request: It depends on the length of the tour, number of participants etc.