Live the experience!

The Program

The Tourist Office of the Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE) “Pityos – Proorismos” (Pityos – Destination) and the non-profit civil company “Museion – Musical Practices of the Aegean” present the program “Soundscapes / Pityos” and invite you to a unique tour that combines music and local folk traditions.

25 QR codes are placed on twenty-five locations in the picturesque alleys of the village of Pityos, near monuments and in its squares, offering the visitor the unique opportunity to discover Pityos in a distinct way, through its intangible cultural heritage, local stories and practices directly connected to the history of the area and its inhabitants.

The Tour

The tour provides the essentials in order to comprehend and exploit a variety of local music and dance repertoires as well as the notion of tradition, by means of culture in action – a treasure full of knowledge and practices built daily, transmitted from one generation to the other which evolves over time.

Let’s walk and travel through space and time, following the melodies and rhythms of the villages of the north part of Chios, thus opening a music dialogue with the history of Pityos!

The tour is designed for children as well as for adults, students of music schools and conservatories, members of dance, artistic or cultural groups and associations, and anyone who simply wishes to get acquainted with an alternative side and the local flavor of a traditional village of northern Chios.

Duration of the full program: 2 hours (Music tour: 1 hour – Introduction to traditional Chian dances: 1 hour).

Participation fee upon request (It depends on the length of the workshop, number of participants etc).