Our organized tours offer a unique religious and sightseeing experience to the sacred sites of worship, of the local Saints of Chios – either well known or not so well known!

Saint Isidoros, Saint Markella, Saint Myropi, Saint Makarios, Saint George Chiopolitis, Saint Matrona and more are just some of the local Saints of the island and make it stand as an Island of Saints similar to Patmos or Tinos.

The Monastery Nea Moni of Chios, Moundon Monastery, Holy Fathers Monastery, Myrsinidi Monastery are some of the renowned monasteries of Chios. The first one, the 11th century Nea Moni, with its exceptional Byzantine mosaics, is among the most important religious monuments of UNESCO’s world cultural heritage of outstanding universal value.

The Byzantine churches of the villages, the unique wood carvings at the temples of Amani, the picturesque chapels like that of Saint Isidoros of Sykiada, churches of unique significance regarding their religious importance as well as their natural setting, like Panagia Agiogalousaina, are part of this excursion. The trip also includes a visit to religious and ecclesiastical museums of various villages and other pilgrimage sites.

Our religious tours are offered throughout the year, but it is very exciting to combine them with the local Saints’ feasts so you can have the opportunity to see the decorated commemorative churches, and, occasionally, to participate in the local rituals or banquets.

Indicative calendar:

  • Saint Makarios Notaras, April 17
  • Saint Isidoros, May 14
  • Saint Matrona the Chiopolitis, July 15 and October 20
  • Saint Markella, July 22
  • The miracle of Saint Paraskevi in Chios, October 14
  • Saint George Chiopolitis, November 26
  • Saint Myropi, December 2

Participation fee upon request: It depends on the length of the tour, number of participants etc.