Organized Tours in Pityos

With authorized guide of tourist office “Pityos destination”!

Duration: 45′ – 1 hour depending on attendance & special interests of the audience.

Timetable: From April to October, Daily except Wednsedays and Thursdays

Hours: 11.00am – 7.00pm

Reservations required.

Please call tel:+30 2272023444 mob:+30 694 961 1042

Points of interest:

  • Genovese Tower of Pityos (in case of no permanent authorised antiquarian on behalf of the archaiological service it is visitable only on its exterior)
  • Old plane tree in Makelos,
  • Byzantine Church of Agios Dimitrios
  • Church, Shrine & house of Agios Georgios Hiopolitis (Pityanos),
  • Traditional Olive Mill of Giannomoros family,
  • Windmill of Fekos family and Traditional wood-oven bakery and loom machine

A look back at the history of the village:

  • Antiquity, Homer Homer’s path & Homeric Studies, Drimakos & slave revolt,
  • Byzantium, Genovese colonial past and Maona, turpentine oil production,
  • Ottoman Empire’s era privileges & the massacre of Chios 1822, battle of Aipus & Zichni Bey 1912,
  • The life in Pityos: Animal husbandry, agriculture, shipping, Homeric Olive Trees, proprietary customary law & architectural elements of the village houses

Tickets: ask for a fixed price in case of individuals, kids or organised groups

Payment in advance with receipt before the beginning of the tour, at the tourist office in the main square of the village