Tourist Office

The tourist office of Pityos Destination designs and offers extraordinary thematic tours, walks, hikes and workshops, based on the connection with nature, the flora and fauna of the area, its people, culture,  originality and culture of everyday of life.

All the activities are designed with passion and love for nature and the ecosystem, by professionals and connoisseurs of the region who have deep knowledge of the local history, in order to offer an enjoyable, entertaining and sustainable experience and visit.

Among others, they include the following areas:

  • Pityos Walking Tour
  • The unknown northern Chios
  • Religious Tourism
  • Workshops
  • Soundscapes (music tour)
  • Hiking

These activities and excursions give us the opportunity to get acquainted to authentic characters and traditional professions, to acquire in an amusing way skills related to the production of local goods, to make and taste local dishes, to discover rocks, fossils and landscapes seen by human eyes thousands of years ago, to walk along the paths where Homer walked, to pray and meditate in churches and hermitages that filled souls with peace, hope and faith, to swim in quiet, unexplored beaches. So, we get involved, we participate, we learn, we savor and relax!