Three Asia Minor Tales

Three fairy tales, “Cinderella”, “Giusel Patsatzis” and “The Rooster and the Sarandabelas”, recorded from the narratives of Asia Minor refugees, aspire to bring children into contact with the oral folk tradition of Asia Minor.They are tales that en

tertain, amuse and indirectly provide information about the plant diversity of the area, about cultural elements and social values, while at the same time referring to the first wave of immigration at the beginning of the 20th century:. The first one is in the Megas collection and the other two belong to the Papadopoulos-Demertzis collection of tales, as presented in volume IV of the Asia Minor Chronicles.

The narration is accompanied by live music and traditional songs that add a melodic atmosphere and enrich the experience of young listeners. During the narration there is interaction with the audience and children are invited to join in the songs.

the hammocks of spring

The Hammocks in the Spring

Fairy tales, myths and songs full of flowers and a craft workshop

I wonder how the first anemone was created; which nymph did Zephyr embrace? Where does the tradition of the hammock come from? What is the most beautiful flower? And how did a little peasant girl’s dress get filled with poppies?

Three myths and two folk tales full of flowers and colours, combined with traditional songs, take children on a journey to flowering fields, forests, and streams, to landscapes full of flowers and fragrance.

They will hear about heroes from Greek mythology, a tradition that reaches our days from ancient times, traditional songs from the Eastern Aegean and Epirus and two fairy tales full of colourful flowers!

After the storytelling is complete, participants make their own handmade craft inspired by the stories they heard.