A handful of handmade “herissia” pasta

In a small village a grandmother makes handmade pasta. Her grandchildren ask her to help her so she starts to explain all the steps and answering their questions. They go on cooking the pasta and enjoy a delicious meal which they liked so much that they want to stay there in the evening so that the grandmother will tell them stories from the village and songs and make pasta again. So it happened and the children learned the secrets of the recipe and cooked for the whole village and a whole feast stared.

A storytelling performance in which the participants, in a fun and experiential way, learn the value of simple ingredients in our kitchen as well as the recipe of the traditional dish of Pityos.

At the end, the participants take with them a bag of hand-made spaghetti (a handful of pasta) along with the recipe.

Participation fee upon request: It depends on the length of the workshop, number of participants etc.