Pityos is coming to school! Schools are going to Pityos!

Educational Programs for schools and school groups

Pityos Proorismos programs seek to actively involve the participants into the cultural and natural heritage, in order to offer an first-hand experience that gives meaning to the visit of all those who participate, regardless of age, social and cultural background. The programs combine knowledge and enjoyment for the whole family in an engaging and interactive way.

The educational programs for schools are designed with respect for the individuality of children and youth, they encourage cooperation and participation as well as free expression so that the participating students grow into citizens with critical thinking and enhanced social conscience. They are designed in such a way as to offer an ample educational and hands-on experience,  that encourages and cherishes imagination and creativity.

They are based on the principles of experiential learning in order to build bridges with the past, with history and tradition, in a natural and friendly way, providing children new ways of viewing them and offering the opportunity to actively elaborate the idea of cultural heritage.

Our educational programs are offered to students and groups of children of all ages (Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School and High School).

They are implemented, mainly, at school class or other educational-cultural institution, while they can also take place in Pityos, after prior consultation and arrangement.

Αt school

An educational visit to your school includes a presentation of the theme you have chosen, a workshop and storytelling. Students get in contact with the tradition and culture of a small mountain village, such as Pityos, in an experiential, fun and entertaining way, and teachers can use the material they will be given for further discussion and exploration during the school year.

Educational visit to Pityos

Your school can organize an educational trip to Pityos which will combine the workshop that has been chosen with a tour of the village. A beautiful special experience and excursion, in a picturesque traditional settlement, in the fresh air and in nature.