Pityos village

Pityos is a small picturesque mountain village in Northern Chios, the birthplace of Saint George the Chiopolites. It is well-known for its livestock tradition, the paths of Homer, its Genovese tower, the age-old plane tree, its wood-fired oven, and, of course, its handmade pasta, the “cherissia makaronia”, as well as its cheese pies and “kopanisti” pies—distinctive symbols of its rich gastronomic identity. Despite being surrounded by tall mountains, it is close to some of Chios’s most famous beaches.

It serves as an ideal destination for those who wish to combine idyllic landscapes, nature exploration, history, folklore and savour unique dishes. The village is situated in Northeastern Chios, 25 kilometres from the town of Chios and 6 kilometres from the major northern village of Kardamyla. It is well-connected to both points by a good road (Chios-Pityos-Kardamyla provincial road), taking approximately 45 minutes from the town of Chios and 15 minutes from Kardamyla to reach it.

Situated at an altitude of 460 metres above sea level, the village overlooks the sea, approximately 7 kilometres to the north, visible from certain points near the village’s tower.